After having appreciated the cool of the troglodytic caves and the waterfall, you can enjoy the wooded garden of rare Mediterranean essences just beneath the tuff cliff. Continue your visit by wandering through the old village, a pedestrian area classified "Village de Caractère",along with its arches, its narrow alleyways and the nice sound of fountains.

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Le village de Villecroze

To visit

The park - The waterfall

This wooded park is a veritable screen of greenery in 2.5 hectares at the foot of the cliffs, in which the caves were formed.

visit "la Cascade" | visit "le Parc de Villecroze"
Le Parc de Villecroze

The Caves

The caves were formed 700,000 years ago, as a result of a slow calcification of vegetation and foam from an immense waterfall, high in calcium, which covered the whole current cliff face.
Découvrir les Grottes | + photos

Les Grottes de Villecroze

Chapelle Saint-Victor

Saint-Victor, a listed 12th Century Roman chapel...
Visiter la Chapelle | le village médiéval

Les Grottes de Villecroze

Recurring events

Marché provençal tous les jeudis matins
Bourses aux Plantes le dernier dimanche d'avril
Grenier dans la rue les 1er dimanches de mai et 3ème d'août
Fête patronale de la Saint-Romain le dimanche suivant le 8 août

Tourism information office

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Mairie de Villecroze
Place de la Souvenance