Photo Art'Let

Personal gallery of modern painting. Specialty of the plastic artist painter.

One hundred percent self-taught
I have never taken a drawing class, nor practiced an introduction to painting, what I create is instinct, felt, and inspiration of the moment.
From the beginning I used oil painting on canvas and looked for my way in the figurative, but I did not feel comfortable. I naturally deviated to the abstract where the stray leads to the creation, I went to support wood retaining the oil painting and adopting acrylic in which I introduce various materials (plants, fabrics, papers , ashes, corrugated cardboard, plastic fibers, etc.)


Free access.


Phone +336 27 19 00 01

Rue du Portail
83840 - TRIGANCE

Modified from 30/04/2020 by "Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Lacs et Gorges du Verdon".

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